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Weird Comix #12


Image of Weird Comix #12

[due to some shipment restrictions because of the pandemic, we're only shipping physical copies of the comics to USA, UK, FRANCE, CANADA and GERMANY.
currently not shipping to NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIA, but you can order the comics and get a .pdf file of the issue and its physical copy will be shipped as soon as international mail is back to normal.
if you live in any other country, please leave a message to check out if we're shipping.]

Tired of seeing how the world is unfair and a shitty place to live? Looking for comics to ease the tension? Sorry, pal, wrong place. These comics are here to show the worst of human behaviour and to reassure the human race is totally fucked up. You've been warned!
• 48 pages of black and white comics and illustrations
• Limited to 105 numbered copies
• Created, written and drawn by Fabio Vermelho
• Self-published on April 2022